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Scientists at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society announced this week that Hispanic herbal teas may be better for you than the much-touted green tea.

Researchers looked at three types of Hispanic teas: ardisia, roselle (hibiscus), and mate (MAH-tay). Mate, as it turns out, is especially high in antioxidants, which help the body protect itself from the damaging effects of oxygen. A few mate brands were higher in antioxidants than green tea, which has been widely publicized for its medicinal qualities.

Elvira de Mejia, Assistant Professor of Food and Nutrition at the University of Illiois at Urbana-Champaign, suggests that people interested in getting the health effects of mate drink three or four cups a day.

Are you likely to change your beverage habits based on information like this? Do you choose foods because they're healthy, because they're what you're used to, or because you like the taste? What other kinds of food/nutrition stories would you like to see here?