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Mountain climbing is dangerous. Mountain climbing on a volcanic mountain is extra dangerous. A team of mountain climbers in the Philippines found that out today, five with very tragic results.

Oh, Buzzketeers, the Fates smile on us today! They have sent a truly glorious monster for us to enjoy: a 21-foot-long, 2,370-pound saltwater crocodile!

The beast had been causing something of a ruckus in a southern Philippine town, having attacked and eaten a villager's water buffalo (and maybe a fisherman or two), so they captured it alive!

The croc will go to a planned ecotourism park in the area, where it will continue to be big and frightening.

Check out the link for photographs and video of the crocodile.

An international team of more than 80 marine biologists has surveyed a coral reef in the Philippines and discovered thousands and thousands of species -- one of the most diverse spots on Earth. So far, over 100 have been confirmed as new to science, though the team estimates there could be several thousand new species in their study. (What makes this all the more amazing is that coral reefs grow in the tropical oceans -- one of the most hostile environments on the planet!)