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There was an interesting package of stories in Sunday's Star-Tribune about Isle Royale and the troubling circumstances of wolf and moose populations falling out of balance at the island national park in Lake Superior. For years, researchers have used the island as a case study of predator/prey interactions in an area untainted by human development. With moose numbers dropping and threatening the survival of wolves, what should they do? Let nature run its course or intervene to keep this lab vital? The link above will take you to stories, photos and videos of the situation. What do you think should be done?

For those Hawaiian albatrosses who just can't get the hanging of flying, there's always a tiger shark nearby to provide some extra motivation. Just watch the video below. If you want to skip the Mr. Rogers'-like commentary, mute the sound on your computer. I found it much better that way.

Sometimes, there isn't safety in numbers. And most of the time, I think, it's probably a bummer to be a sardine. But it's really tough to be one of these sardines!

More cool video and an explanation of how all that was caught on film here.