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While Indonesians have been warned for weeks about an imminent eruption of Mount Kelud, a different volcano in the South Pacific nation has erupted. Here’s a link to a National Geographic photo from a few weeks ago when Anak Krakatua was starting to get cooking. An offspring volcano of the infamous Krakatua, the younger volcano erupted on Thursday, sending up a tower of black rock and ash hundreds of feet into the sky. The black sand on the volcano’s non-active side is so hot that people can only walk on it briefly. In the meantime, the threat level for Mt. Kelud has been reduced, and people who had been evacuated from its vicinity are now able to return home. But it’s further evidence that some hot things are brewing in the “The Ring of Fire,” that circles the Pacific Ocean. Science Museum of Minnesota visitors can learn more about that by viewing the currently playing Omnifilm “Ring of Fire.” The chain of islands that make up Indonesia have about 70 active volcanoes right now.

The Hong Kong Observatory reported that an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 has struck central Indonesia. There are not yet any reports of casualties or damages.