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Seafood watch
Seafood watchCourtesy Monterey Bay Aquarium
I ran into some folks from the Monterey Bay Aquarium today and learned about their Seafood Watch program - its impressive, and helpful.

Their website contains the most current information on sustainable seafood choices available in different regions of the U.S. The guides can both be viewed on line and also can be downloaded in a pocket-size version.

The site contains a lot of other useful information on how you can be an advocate for ocean conservation, as well as background on what the conservation issues are that face our oceans.

Check out the website and the seafood watch guides - its interesting and a useful way to stay informed on how to make educated choices.


Lobster: death by boiling. Courtesy sooz.
So you think that boiling lobsters alive to get to their meat it too inhumane? Whole Foods markets did to. So now they will only be selling lobster meat processed with the Avure 687L food processing machine. This giant gadget, essentially squeezes the lobster to death under huge water pressure, separating its meat from its shell. Crazy. Trevor Corson's description of the whole deal is quite interesting. Ahhhh, food science, it makes you hungry huh?