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Just like the car dealerships, the world of wildlife has announced its new models. Actually, 163 new species of animals have been discovered on Earth in the past year. Here's a link to a slide show of some of the new discoveries. Of course, they've actually been around for more than the past year, we just didn't know about them.

Endangered species map
Endangered species mapCourtesy National Geographic
National Geographic has a nice map feature highlighting some lesser known endangered or threatened species in North America. The nocturnal American Burying Beetle is a quite attractive creature.

An international team of more than 80 marine biologists has surveyed a coral reef in the Philippines and discovered thousands and thousands of species -- one of the most diverse spots on Earth. So far, over 100 have been confirmed as new to science, though the team estimates there could be several thousand new species in their study. (What makes this all the more amazing is that coral reefs grow in the tropical oceans -- one of the most hostile environments on the planet!)

Scientific names

by Liza on May. 23rd, 2006

Carolus Linnaeus, Swedish botanist and explorer, was born on May 23, 1707. What's his claim to science fame? He was the first to lay out principles for defining genera and species of organisms, and a system for naming them. His system of two-part "scientific names" (i.e. Homo sapiens or Architeuthis dux), though modified many times, is still in use today.