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I missed hearing about this over the summer when the film played in theaters, but finally had the chance last night to watch "Dinosaur 13," a documentary film about the legal battles in the aftermath of the discovery of Sue the T. Rex in South Dakota in 1990. Actual paleontology plays just a small role in the film, but the ethics and legalities of dinosaur hunting are very interesting. It's available now on DVD and I highly recommend it. You can preview the trailer below and here is the link to the movie's official website for streaming options:

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We recently reported on the discovery of a Tyrannosaurus Rex femur bone with preserved fleshy tissue inside. Thanks to Science Magazine we can bring you some close up photos of these unique finds. Some of the photos here are of a modern ostrich. Try comparing the Tyrannosaurus Rex finds with those of a modern bird like the ostrich (pictured below).

Tyrannosaurus Rex Vascular Canals