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It's Friday, so it's time for another Science Friday video... The honk of a horn or the rumble of a truck sounds like noise to most of us. But to Lucy Fitz Gibbon, and others with absolute pitch, there are notes embedded in that noise. Psychiatry professor David Ross, of the Yale School of Medicine, explains what's known about how people acquire this mysterious ability.

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It's Friday, so it's time for a new Science Friday video. This week,

"What is the future of sustainable architecture? Washington University's Tyson Living Learning Center in Eureka, MO, achieves the Living Building Challenge--a set of green guidelines that measure a building based on its performance. The building's architect Dan Hellmuth, of Hellmuth & Bicknese Architects in St. Louis, and Kevin Smith, associate director of Tyson Research Center, point out some of the Center's greenest features."

I really enjoyed this video tour from one end of the International Space Station to the other. If you have the right stuff, watching this in high definition mode is wonderful.

This afternoon keepers released video footage of the baby white cheeked gibbon born at the Minnesota Zoo on December 27. The baby -- the 10th one born at the Minnesota Zoo -- is being cared for by people because her mother, "Tia," shows little interest in mothering her. Still, the baby is growing well and keepers are hopeful that Tia will come around eventually.

The baby gibbon won't be on exhibit for a few months, so watch the video.

Lily, a 3-year-old pregnant black bear, made her den near a cabin in Ely, MN. Access to electricity, etc., meant that researchers were able to install a web cam in Lily's winter quarters. And today, their efforts may be rewarded. Biologist Lynn Rogers told the Associated Press that he thinks Lily's labor started today at around 2 pm. We should see cubs in the very near future.

Watch the live video stream for yourself. (A lot of people are trying to check it out. If you can't get through, try again later.)

This video was shot inside "Cueva de los Cristales" Naica - Chihuahua, Mexico 2002. Incredible crystals, larger than people were exposed when miners opened up the cavern looking for lead. The high humidity and temprature required the cameraman to wipe condensation off the lens every few seconds.

I made this video of soap bubbles freezing and shattering in Saint Paul, MN. The temperature was 15 below this morning, Jan 3, 2010 .

This animation shows you how viruses trick healthy cells to join the dark side.
What you see in the video actually happens much, much faster in real life — in a fraction of a fraction of a second. So this is a very slow motion version of cellular activity.

Best Science Visualization Videos of 2009

This clip is a compilation of videos showing the evolution of a project called “Breaking Waves,” funded by the Department of Defense. It uses numerical flow analysis to tackle the challenge. (see more of the best visualization videos at