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Hi, All. This is another video from the "Do This At Home" video MASTER!If you like this one, once again, and search "science experiments to do at home". Well, adios!


Hi Guys! This is a really easy and fun science experiment to do at home. And yes, I tried it, and it's simple and amuzing!

If you want some more of this guys experiments, go to and search "fun science experiments"
If you reconize his face, you'll see a WHOLE BUNCH of science videos! Well, for now, bye!

We've had a lot of discussions here on the Buzz over the summer about tomatoes. Here's some interesting, messy video for an annual ritual in Spain that has to be the ultimate food fight experience. At least it looks a lot safer than the running of the bulls that also happens in Spain.

Professor Julius Sumner Miller educated and entertained generations of Australians on television with his TV series called "Why is it so?"
Now you too can watch some "enchanting experiments" with the good professor! Both dialup or broadband connections available (click the link above for dozens of episodes).


Standing wave on 2D surface
Standing wave on 2D surfaceCourtesy Oleg_Alexandrov
The mixture of corn starch and water literally stands up in the video below because of standing waves. If you want to try this, place a mixture of corn starch and water on cookie sheet. Hold the cookie sheet down over a bass speaker with some of your fingers. The speaker should be playing music with low frequencies. By varying the distance an position of your fingers you can alter the standing wave patterns within the cookie sheet.

So what did you do over the weekend? I guess we all missed these wild times going on in Botswana, Africa. Check out this video of an elephant pool party. I wonder if the Republican National Convention will get this crazy here in St. Paul in September?


There are lots of songs about pi on You Tube. I liked this one best.

What's a liger? Truly one of the ultimate questions of humanity. One that is, perhaps, better left unanswered.

Anyhow, here's a video of a liger standing next to a full grown tiger. It's awesome.

Popular Mechanics just released a video of their testing out the Aptera Typ-1 e electric vehicle.

This week we visited Aptera’s headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif., and became the very first outside of the company to hit the street in the Typ-1 e. And, as you can see from the video of our 20-mile test drive above, we’re impressed. Popular Mechanics

Check out the Popular Mechanics link at the end of the quote for lots more excellent information.