Community Guidelines

Statement on Evolution

The Science Museum of Minnesota strives to be an impartial educator of the principles of science. Please read the Science Museum's statement on the scientific theory of evolution. We reserve the right to delete comments that misrepresent the principles of science.

Science Buzz strives to be an open and welcoming community where people can discuss and learn about the wide world of science.

Science Buzz allows community members to make their voices heard through comments, blog entries, polls, and other activities. If your comment/entry doesn't show up right away, please don't post it again. It's probably being held for moderation. The museum makes every effort to post comments/stories as soon as they're submitted, but sometimes responses take a little longer than we'd like (especially on weekends).

There are, however, a few circumstances under which we will not allow entries:

We welcome all perspectives, but offensive or inappropriate comments/stories will not be posted. We refuse to post some entries to ensure that all content is appropriate for the children and adolescents who frequent this site as they learn about science.

What do we consider offensive? If your post or comment is abusive, obscene, threatening, harassing, defamatory, libelous, profane, racist, etc, we won't allow it.

How do you know if your story is appropriate?

  • Buzz Blog entries should relate to recently published science, or to current phenomena (leaves changing color, floods, animal migrations, etc.)
  • Comments should relate to blog topics.

If your story or comment doesn't relate to current science or one of the blog entries, or to the website itself, we won't allow it.

In addition, spamming in any form will not be tolerated. This may include, but is not limited to, posting unrelated solicitations or commercial offers, repeatedly posting the same or similar content, or posting any identical message more than one time or in more than one forum. Such content will deleted at the discretion of the Science Buzz staff.

Decisions of the moderators/administrators are final.

When quoting information please provide the source and, whenever possible, a link to the original content.

Personal information will not given out about any individual without their permission.

Report inappropriate behavior