Buzz kiosks

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What is a buzz kiosk?

Is everyone buzzing about something-avian flu, Hurricane Katrina, or a new fossil find? Find out the latest! Pick up the phone to listen to an audio clip. Read the text and see the photos on the panels. Examine an object, do an activity, or leave a comment. Find out more on the multimedia component, and send yourself or a friend an email postcard.

Buzz kiosks can feature almost any content with minimal lead time. They are substantial, yet portable, and require only power and wired or wireless internet access to run.

Each kiosk includes:
  • a neon Science Buzz sign,
  • a scrolling LED title sign,
  • text panel(s),
  • an audio component,
  • a multi-media screen with a "talkback" feature,
  • a camera that allows visitors to snap their photographs and insert them into "postcards" that they can Email home, and
  • an object display/comment board*.

The audio component can be changed or updated from a developer or scientist's phone, and the multi-media screen can be updated (remotely) by developers at a moment's notice.