Experimonth: Identity

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"Be the Experiment!"

Experimonth: Identity was an opportunity to explore race, gender, and identity in the Twin Cities by participating in a month-long blogging experiment on Science Buzz.

What did they do?

In November 2011, Experimonth participants met online and in person for unique and challenging assignments that took place on Science Buzz, at special events in the Twin Cities, and on solo or group missions in the community. They chose from a variety of assignments based interests and desired commitment level.

Who participated?

During the month of November, 161 registered participants and 3 moderators took part in Experimonth: Identity. There were total 1108 posts for the month: 64% from registered participants, 33% from moderators, and 3% from anonymous participants.

What was the outcome?

Experimonthers shared 34 links, 113 photos, 13 videos, 3 cultural plunges, and 1 podcast. To check out the discussions, click on the Experimonth Assginments image below that says "Read the latest comments."

Thank you to all those who participated in the November 2011 Experimonth: Identity project!

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