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About once a day assignments

30 Days, 30 Questions

Check the "30 Days, 30 Questions" Buzz blog every day to find a different identity-related question. Ask the daily question to your friends, family, and/or strangers in whatever way feels comfortable (e.g. face-to-face, social networks, etc.) Record their answers and any anecdotes you want to share. Finally, return to the "30 Days, 30 Questions," find the link for the questions on the right sidebar, restate the question, and post your responses on the blog page that corresponds to the question you are answering.

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About once a month assignments

Beaker and Brush Discussion

Join us at the Aster Café for an identity-related Beaker and Brush discussion, a program developed by the Science Museum as a forum for bringing together an artist and a scientist to explore topics from the perspective of both disciplines. The speakers will discuss aspects of identity such as "How is identity formed psychologically, and how does what we see form our opinions of others’ identity?" Log on to the "Beaker and Brush" Buzz blog before and after the event to post questions and continue the discussion.

Beaker and Brush: Identity
Monday November 21st, 6:30-8:30p.m.
Aster Café
125 SE Main Street