Great Science Blogs

Here are some other science blogs that we like. If you know of of a site that we should add to this list get in touch.


Adopt a Microbe

Wonderfully illustrated blog about the wee beasties that we live with everywhere.


El Blog de Ingenieria Química de Atomico

A blog in spanish by a chemical engineering grad student. Comments usually involve new chemical processes and materials with some focus on nanomaterials.


Dot Earth

NYTimes reporter Andrew Revkin examines efforts to balance human affairs with the planet's limits.


Green Inc.

How are the environment, climate change, and finite energy resources reshaping business and the economy?



A blog from Boston's Grey Thumb society. The Grey Thumb society is a group for people with a strong interest in artificial life, artificial intelligence, biology, algorithms, computer science, and all sorts of other related topics.


Microbe World

Discover unseen life on Earth. Microbe world covers the latest breakthroughs in microbiology. Complete with microbe phone and podcasts.


Minnesota Citizen's for Science Education

A group of Minnesota citizens, "working to assure the teaching and learning of evolutionary biology and other sciences in Minnesota's K-12 public school classrooms."


Mona Albano's Science Notes

A technical computer writer in Toronto, Canada with a significant interest in science research.


The Open Science Project Blog

A blog from the Open Science software project. Open Science is committed to writing open source (free) scientific software to aid anyone to conduct high quality research.


The Panda's Thumb

An award winning group blog focusing on the finer details of evolutionary theory.


Radio Lab

Hear/read stories that skate the blurry boundaries between science, philosophy, and human experience.


Red Shift Report

The first science museum podcast ever! Coming from our friends to the north at the Ontario Science Center in Toronto, Canada. The Redshift Report uses the science center's galley of on site scientists to answer unique questions every couple weeks.


Slashdot : Science

Slashdot sports the tagline, "News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters." They regularly turns up unique science discoveries and always sport a lively discussion of those events from informed visitors.


Sci Guy

Eric Berger, journalist with the Houston, Texas chronicle writes on science issues.


Science Blog

One of the oldest science blogs out there. A great repository of news of the latest in the world of science research.


Science Blogs

Not Science Blog but Science Blogs is the new group blog site from Seed Magazine (Science is Culture). They have provided a new home for lots of the web's most interesting science blogs. Check out the cool sites they are now hosting:

Adventures in Ethics and Science

A philosopher who used to be a chemist focuses on the connections between hard science and the soft and squishy world of philosophy.


A mom and scientist, Tara C. Smith, blogs from Iowa about her work researching infectious diseases and the importance of teaching evolution in our schools.

afarensis: Anthropology, Evolution and Science

Thoughts on Anthropology and its relationship to evolution.


Small things considered - The Microbe Blog

"The purpose of this blog is to share my appreciation for the width and depth of the microbial activities on this planet. I will emphasize the unusual and the unexpected phenomena for which I have a special fascination." - Moselio Schaechter



Tara Parker-Pope blogs about the latest medical research and societal trends affecting your health.


The Wild Side

Olivia Judson blogs about the influence of science and biology on modern life. Oh, and she can be wicked funny, too.