How to post to the Buzz Blog - Step 4

Add images to your post

Adding images to your post is a great way to draw attention to your story.

screenshot of how to open the image window
To add an image to your blog post, click at the very beginning of the content area, right before your text begins. Then click on the button that looks like a photo with a plus sign underneath the content box.

screenshot of the image upload window
A new window will pop up; here you can select an already-posted image or upload a new one. If you have an image to add, click "Upload."

screenshot of uploading the imageLocate your image on your computer and click "Choose."

screenshot of adding an image title and descriptionGive your image a title and/or description. Select "thumbnail" as the size and click "Insert."

It will add a little code to your post that looks like:

screen shot of image codeYou can still edit the title and description by changing this code.