Points help

Why do you earn points?

To encourage discussion and participation in our community, Science Buzz awards points for different kinds of contributions**. Only registered members can earn points. (Not a member? Sign up now.)

How many points can you earn?

Rate a story (look for the 1-5 star scale under each post) 1 point for each rating, maximum 10 points/day
Post a comment 3 points
Post an image 3 points
Post a mini story (a "burst") to the blog 4 points
Post a poll question 6 points
Post a full story to the blog 6 points
Post a biography 20 points

What can you do with your points?

Your points aren't worth anything but bragging rights, but they do allow everyone to see how active you've been on the site. And who knows? Maybe super members will be able to redeem points for swag sometime in the future. You never know when those points might come in handy!

**Make sure your postings follow our community guidelines.