A warmer world

In the fall of 2005, the Science Museum featured a mini exhibit on Global Climate Change. (Minnesota has been a tropical paradise and an even colder winter wonderland than it is today.) We answered visitors' questions about Global Warming on Level 3 of the Science Museum of Minnesota.
photo of the exhibit

Scientists have noted global temperatures are on the rise.

What causes this? Is it natural? What effect will it have?

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Disagreeing scientists

Does the fact that scientists don't all agree about the causes of the changes we're seeing make you skeptical of their predictions and recommendations?

Adapt to warming temperatures

Could we just adapt to whatever changes global warming might bring, without doing anything to try to slow or stop them?

The Kyoto Protocols

Do you think that international agreements—like the Kyoto Protocol—can make a difference in levels of greenhouse gases? Is that difference worth the estimated cost ($600 billion over the next ten years)?

What do you do?

Do YOU do anything to reduce your "ecological footprint"—the amount of energy and resources you use and waste you produce?

Would you pay more?

Would you be willing to pay more for electricity from low-carbon sources (like wind power or biomass energy) if it meant a reduction in greenhouse gases?

Alternative transportation

Do you use public transportation, walk, ride a bike, or carpool? Why or why not?