Minnesota geology resources : So you wanna be a rock hound?

Just the basics

Common Minnesota Rocks (pdf)
A free pamphlet from the University of Minnesota. Lists common rocks, how and when they were formed, and where you can find them now. A good introduction.

buttonThe virtual egg carton
A fabulous interactive page with photos and information on a dozen common Minnesota rocks.

Fossil facts

buttonFossils—clues to the past
This DNR site offers info on Minnesota fossils and collecting tips.

Fossil Collecting in the Twin Cities Area (pdf)
Another free pamphlet from the U.

Fossil Hunting Permit
If you want to go fossil hunting at Lilydale Park, you need to get a permit from the St. Paul parks department.

Join the club!

Minnesota Mineral Club
A local amateur geology society. Holds meetings in Falcon Heights, summer field trips, rock-swapping shows, and even a Yahoo message group.

Geologic Society of Minnesota
Holds free lectures during the academic year, offers field trips around the region and US.

The American Federation of Mineralogical Societies
An organization at the national level.

buttonSMM Collector's Corner
Bring your collection in to the Museum. Tell us what you know and earn points. Then trade in those points for new specimens to take home!

Planning a safari

Recreational geology

buttonGeology in State Parks
Two good sites from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on rock hunting in state parks.

Bureau of Land Management
If you're planning a trip to a national park or other federal land, check with the BLM to find out what the rules are for rock hunting.