What is nanotechnology?

elephantIt's no use asking an elephant about nanotechnology.
He's BIG!
And nanotechnology is all about the
very small.

But these folks have something to say on the subject:


"Nanotechnology is all about manipulating individual atoms and molecules at the nanoscale. Nanoscale involves distances millions of times thinner than a human hair."

Government official

"Nanotechnology is the way of the future. Countries like India, China, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and others are pouring billions of dollars into nanotech research. As a matter of fact, the US is funding about $1 billion in nanotech research just this year."

Science fiction author

"Nanotechnology will change everything! With nanotech we will create tiny robots that will repair our bodies from the inside. We will grow organic molecular computers more powerful than we can imagine. It just might take 50-100 years."

Concerned community activist

"Nanotechnology might help us improve health and energy needs but it also has me worried. We don't know how nanoparticles might affect our health. Who is regulating this stuff anyways?"

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