Costa Rican ceramics

Object of the Month: 02/2001

What is it?:

Costa Rican ceramics

Where was it collected:

In January of 2001, by Cordry Intern Leslie Spoelstra and Curator of Anthropology for Archaeology Orrin Shane, in San Vicente, Costa Rica

Accession #: not yet cataloged

Costa Rican ceramics
Costa Rican ceramics

These ceramics come from the Nicoya Peninsula in the Pacific northwestern part of Costa Rica. They were purchased directly from the manufacturers in their homes in the small village of San Vicente. Cordry Intern Leslie Spoelstra is living in San Vicente and working with potters to study their ceramics cottage industry.

These ceramics are replicas and near-replicas of pre-Columbian antiquities. Today's artisans have illustrations of originals in books and photocopies that they keep handy in their workshops. They "mix and match" design elements more often than trying to make exact copies.

The Cordry Internship in Mexican Folk Art is an endowed internship in the Department of Anthropology at the Science Museum of Minnesota. A Cordry Intern is selected every two years from applicants from Minnesota colleges and universities.

In 2000/2001, the Cordry Internship was redirected to Costa Rica to take advantage of a unique collaborative research opportunity involving anthropologists from several museums and universities.

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