An unfortunate goat

Object of the Month: 05/2009

What is it?:

A domestic goat skull, with a bone growth and a dental abscess (Capra aegragrus hircus)

Where was it collected:

Iowa, Fall 2008

An unfortunate goat
An unfortunate goatCourtesy SMM

You are a goat. You like being a goat. But you always thought that you were a hornless goat. And there, on the top of your head… are you growing a horn? You dream about unicorns…

This is no horn. It’s just a weird bony bump. You try not to think about it. Smothering your worries in food, you take a mouthful of dry grass. You chew sadly. Stupid, lousy bump… OW! There was something sharp in that grass! It went right into your gum…

Well, you’re not thinking about the bump anymore. You try to chew with just one side of your mouth, but your jaw hurts so much these days! You’ve lost a tooth. You don’t feel very good. Not good at all.

And now you’re dead. You never thought life would turn out like this. At least your mouth doesn’t hurt anymore. Now, if you could only shake the feeling that you’re being watched…