Object of the Month: 08/2009

What is it?:

Adult cicadas, and the shed skins of cicada nymphs.

Where was it collected:


Cicadas: An adult cicada.
Cicadas: An adult cicada.Courtesy SMM

An emerging talent

Oh, you’ve put in your time. You’ve spent years working the underground scene. You’ve been building a name for yourself. Digging away, making progress. There were creative phases, and then you’d plateau… only to break from your shell, bigger each time!

Sure, there have always been critics—predators, really— who would try to stop you. But now is the time to burst out into the light, to spread your wings, to… to… to sing!


Wonderful! You could do this for the rest of your life! And, as a cicada, that should be about three more weeks.