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Makala Shelton's picture
Makala Shelton says:

I love Butterfiles

posted on Fri, 03/01/2013 - 4:32pm
Kieran James Walsh's picture
Kieran James Walsh says:

Butterflies are so cool. i wish i had a pet butterfly so i can snuggle with it

posted on Tue, 03/26/2013 - 12:51pm
Dalton Hegemann's picture
Dalton Hegemann says:

Because of the food supply or tempature.

posted on Sat, 03/02/2013 - 1:12pm
marissa  's picture
marissa says:

butterflys are so cool and colorful peace

posted on Thu, 03/14/2013 - 12:48pm
olivia john's picture
olivia john says:

i think that these butterflies are comimg to minnesota for all the flowers that we have here.

posted on Tue, 03/19/2013 - 11:50am
tanner's picture
tanner says:

butterflies are reallly cool and colorful. i wish i had abutterfly as a pet. go butterflies. butterflies before moths

posted on Sat, 03/02/2013 - 8:36pm
anika's picture
anika says:

these look like they ARE on fire a lot!

posted on Sun, 03/24/2013 - 3:46pm
Mike M's picture
Mike M says:

Why are they so small?

posted on Sun, 03/03/2013 - 3:09pm
teddy's picture
teddy says:

I wonder how many specimens have been found?

posted on Wed, 03/06/2013 - 1:16pm
anjali samir patel 's picture
anjali samir patel says:

i love butterflys and animals

posted on Thu, 03/07/2013 - 11:49am
Andrew Rivera (SD)'s picture
Andrew Rivera (SD) says:

Ha, that's pretty neat! I can tell that it's a butterfly, just by the way it is.

posted on Thu, 03/07/2013 - 3:53pm
jollisa's picture
jollisa says:

I enjoy watching butterflies soar around in the wind.

posted on Thu, 03/07/2013 - 7:58pm
DOUG SHAFER's picture


posted on Thu, 03/07/2013 - 8:57pm
alex petersen's picture
alex petersen says:

they have wings

posted on Sat, 03/09/2013 - 2:57pm
Naomi 's picture
Naomi says:

butterflies are beautiful and amazing

posted on Sat, 03/09/2013 - 7:03pm
ella's picture
ella says:

butterflys are beautiful to look at

posted on Thu, 03/14/2013 - 1:40pm
josiah's picture
josiah says:

wow butterflys are asome!!!!! the wings ars pretty.

posted on Thu, 03/14/2013 - 3:50pm
butterfly girl's picture
butterfly girl says:

butterflys are my life

posted on Fri, 03/15/2013 - 1:18pm
The Great Calvino's picture
The Great Calvino says:

Interesting. I wonder what species it came from?

posted on Fri, 03/15/2013 - 3:03pm
bailey's picture
bailey says:

butterflies are beautifull creatures and are way better than moths but kinda small

posted on Tue, 03/19/2013 - 12:29pm
hadi 's picture
hadi says:

if there small, how fast?

posted on Tue, 03/19/2013 - 3:44pm
Maggie's picture
Maggie says:

Butterflies are like my spirit animal...like I feel a deep connection to these little dudes. I think that I like was reincarnated from a butterfly...aha x

posted on Fri, 03/22/2013 - 2:23pm
luca's picture
luca says:

I like the patterns on them

posted on Sat, 03/23/2013 - 7:06pm
luca's picture
luca says:

each butter fly has its own patteern

posted on Sat, 03/23/2013 - 7:10pm
Bibleh the Great's picture
Bibleh the Great says:

I love buterflys. if they were without wings, do u think they would be calleed butters? i would call them butters. they have pretty pattenrs on thier wings

posted on Tue, 03/26/2013 - 11:00am
zoe's picture
zoe says:

butterfles are smart and funny

posted on Tue, 03/26/2013 - 2:59pm
Joshua Gerrit's picture
Joshua Gerrit says:

I love colorful butterflies, so I hope more and more keep coming to Minnesota!

posted on Tue, 03/26/2013 - 7:41pm
kendra's picture
kendra says:

the object of the month.i like butterfllies are very pretty

posted on Wed, 03/27/2013 - 10:57am
LaQueesha McSwaggah's picture
LaQueesha McSwaggah says:

Dem butterflies be pretty.

posted on Fri, 03/29/2013 - 3:09pm
Dragonflight's picture
Dragonflight says:

Or possibly "Flying Sparks". It sounds better.

posted on Fri, 03/29/2013 - 4:37pm
Kevin S from Fayetteville, NC's picture
Kevin S from Fayetteville, NC says:

My daughter Katherine is the butterfly of my life!

posted on Sat, 03/30/2013 - 3:20pm
dinkleberry's picture
dinkleberry says:

butterflies are zombies

posted on Sat, 03/30/2013 - 4:02pm

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