Day Forty-four: 10-31-08

So here are the close-ups for day 44. The weather has been significantly warmer in the last couple days, so we thought there might be some activity on the pig again. Not so much. It still smells sour, and there were a few flies around today, but mostly I'd characterize the body as, well, "dry."
But, right, if you still don't like gross dead things, avert your eyes now.

The pig's head is looking about the same. There was just one fly in the cage when I went down there today, and it was nice enough to pose for me in this photo. The head. And a fly.
The head. And a fly.Courtesy JGordon
I hadn't really looked at this before, but I think it's kind of cool. So, this is the floor of the cage, looking down the line of the pig's back. There's a strip of skin and hair there, totally detached from the rest of the body. What I think it is is that it must be where the skin stuck to the cage floor when the pig was all swollen and sticky. When it dried out and shrank, most of the body pulled away from there, leaving that yucky, hairy skin ribbon. That's my theory. A line of hair and skin. A hairline.
A line of hair and skin. A hairline.Courtesy JGordon
These are just some bones from the face and jaw of the pig. They fell off the body, and are just drying out on the floor, I guess. Pretty clean (relatively speaking). Skull bones.
Skull bones.Courtesy JGordon
Just the leg. Those leaves that have blown in the cage give it a nice, festive, fall feeling though, don't you think? Hoof, leg, leg stuff.
Hoof, leg, leg stuff.Courtesy JGordon
There isn't too much to see here, either. This is just a section of the torso (the guts are falling out below and to the left), but I guess it's sort of interesting how you can see the difference in the skin condition within this small spot—the uppermost layer of skin, along with the hair, seems to have peeled off on the back, but remains on the pig on its side. Skin and hair.
Skin and hair.Courtesy JGordon

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Anonymous says:

The last photo has the makings of a good Halloween mask. Pig-Leatherface!!!! Omigod, I've scared myself.

posted on Fri, 10/31/2008 - 5:32pm
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Riley says:


posted on Sun, 11/02/2008 - 3:12pm

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