How's this different than climate change in the past?

It's true that Earth’s climate has constantly changed throughout the planet’s history. Sometimes the climate has warmed so much that the oceans have risen and covered much of the Earth. At other times, giant sheets of ice have covered parts of North America and Europe. The climate shifts are dramatic, but they’ve usually occurred over thousands of years. And that’s the difference between climate change that’s happened in the past, and the change occurring now.

Corbin says, “Many people don’t understand the real threat of global warming because they need to take a step back and a step up from where they are. Your neighborhood may look the same, but if you can see the entire planet and the damage done in the last one hundred years, the changes that have occurred will be very clear.”

For more on climate change, check out this online exhibit from the Science Museum of Minnesota. Or you can check out the work of scientists around the country who are trying to get the big picture view of the changes humans have set in motion.