What's your flux score?

The huge nutrient intake and output of our cities shapes ecosystems around them. But the nutrient flux of a city is made up determined by its individual parts: you and me, and the homes we live in. So how do you fit in?

By answering a few questions about your household, you can find out the amount of nutrients you're taking in, and how much you're releasing into the ecosystem. Click on the link to try out a version of the flux calculator on Science Buzz: What's your flux score?

The quiz only takes a few minutes. You'll need:
1. Your energy bills
2. Travel records for household members
3. Height, weight and exercise level of household members

Have questions about the nutrient flux calculator? About your own results? Wondering about being an urban ecologist? Leave your questions for Scientist on the Spot, Daniel Nidzgorksi!

The choices you make in your home affect your nutrient flux. The nutrient flux calculator makes it easy to figure out what those choices are.