Day Thirty: 10-17-08

If you've made it to day 30, you probably aren't too bothered by the pig gore. Besides, we've gotten to know him so well by now. There were a few flies around the body this afternoon, but not too much was happening.

The lighting was very nice today, and I think piggy was looking particularly handsome in what was left of his head.
The headCourtesy JGordon
The front legs and shoulder area. The front legs
The front legsCourtesy JGordon
Another close-up of the holes that have appeared in the skin of the pig's shoulder area. Nothing happening around the holes, but they're still kind of intriguing. Holes in the skin
Holes in the skinCourtesy JGordon
I spotted a little beetle here, actually, but he ran and hid under these brown guts before I could get a picture of him. He was dark, and about the same size as the pupae here. The back of his shell came to a point, I think. Some guts: Some of the intestines (?) with plenty of dead maggots and pupae around.
Some guts: Some of the intestines (?) with plenty of dead maggots and pupae around.Courtesy JGordon
Nothing happening here. I just thought it was interesting how much of the skeleton you can see in this area. Some of the guts and the back legs
Some of the guts and the back legsCourtesy JGordon
Tried to snap a picture inside the head. It didn't really work out—I would have had to crawl into the cage to get a good angle, and I'm not yet prepared to do that. Aiming insinde the head (poorly)
Aiming insinde the head (poorly)Courtesy JGordon

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flybynightsue's picture
flybynightsue says:

It is amazing how fast the decomposition happens...


posted on Wed, 11/19/2008 - 5:38pm

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