Meat meat meat. Results.

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Do you eat meat?

Yeah I eat meat. I love it more than life itself, and I’ll tell you why… = 2541
I never eat meat! And let me tell you why… = 427
I guess I eat meat sometimes. Whatever. = 1969
Total votes = 4937

But what if I told you that eating meat was wrong, and that you should really stop?

Let me answer that question with a steak. Which I will eat. = 2325
Well, duh. Meat is bad, and let me tell you why… = 874
Whatever. I don’t respond to provocation. = 1901
Total votes = 5100

But what if I told you that eating meat was a natural thing for humans to do, and that meat is an important source of nutrition?

I would shake your hand, if I weren’t so tired. = 2990
I would slap your face, if I weren’t so tired. = 655
Even if I cared, I wouldn’t care. = 1446
Total votes = 5091

And what if I told you that meat production produces nearly as much greenhouse gas as all the cars, trucks, and planes in the world?

Global warming is fake, meat is real, and really delicious. = 1694
It stands to reason, because I don’t like any of those things. = 825
Well now *that* is interesting. = 2601
Total votes = 5120

And what if I told you that across the world we use about 12 million square miles (as much land as is in the whole continent of Africa) for raising animals?

Gotta use land for something. = 2666
Any amount of land for animals is too much! = 295
It’s possible that that land could be used for better stuff. = 2151
Total votes = 5112

So, what if you knew that most of the agricultural land in the United States and Europe was used for growing animal feed, and not food directly for people?

Fine. We eat the animals, so in the end it’s still food for people. = 2325
A travesty! A travesty! = 925
Interesting. I’ll deposit that into the old brain. = 1901
Total votes = 5151

How about this little nugget: A cow has to eat about 30 pounds of feed to grow one pound of meat. And pigs have to consume about 11 pounds for each pound of pork.

Bless them for working so hard for us. = 2087
Aaaaah! = 970
That’s potentially not be the most efficient use of the things we grow. = 1924
Total votes = 4981

How do you feel about all of these questions?

They kind of irritated me. From now on, it's all meat, all the time. = 1385
They kind of alarmed me. From now on, it's veggie city. = 336
They gave me something to think about, but I don’t need anything else to think about. = 945
They gave me something to think about, and I like that. = 2341
Total votes = 5007