Wonder Years (1 of 4) v3

Giving Society’s Youngest Members a Strong Start

Young children change rapidly during the first five years of life. Many changes are easy to see – for example, when a baby learns to roll, then crawl and then walk, or when a baby’s babbling becomes familiar sounds, then words and then sentences. What may not be quite as obvious are the changes happening inside the baby’s brain as these outward changes are occurring.

Scientific study of early brain development has found that the brain of a newborn baby develops with amazing speed. In fact, most of our basic “wiring” takes place during the first five years of life.

While nothing is ever set in stone, recent study of early childhood development also shows that without a strong foundation in healthy brain development in the first five years of life, babies are at greater risk for mental, physical and emotional problems as they get older. Also, early developmental experiences can impact a child’s potential for success in school, work and life.

Given how important the earliest years of life are, how can we make sure that children benefit from the growing body of knowledge about early childhood development and get the best start in life?

We offer three approaches for your consideration.