How much do you think about the garbage you toss away?

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How much do you think about the garbage you toss away?

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The topics archive

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Can you solve the traveling salesman problem?

TSP challenges mathematic thinking without using numbers

Space Policy

Where we came from, where we're going

Weighing the evidence

Choosing a therapy can be confusing

The Space Debate

Space... it's not an easy place to live.

Spooky science

Thrills, chills, and some really scary stuff

Experimonth: Identity

Explore race, gender, and identity

Making a Minnesota mummy

Mummies don't have to be ancient relics

Fracture-critical systems

At the breaking point


Science, risk and vaccination

A front row seat for the flood

The river's rise and fall

Once and Future Earth

The past is the key to the present

Using Earth, Transforming Earth

Life on a human-dominated planet

The Human Spark

What makes other humans so different from the other animals?

Oil spill in the Gulf

Anatomy of an oil spill

The Dead Sea Scrolls

The words that changed the world.

Mayan calendar

2012... the end of the world?

"Swine Flu"

What's the science behind the A/H1N1 flu news?

Minnesota geology

Go outside and explore the science under your feet.

The Titanic

The story is still emerging from the depths of the Atlantic.

Rising waters in Minnesota

A front-row seat for the flood.


Learn about nature's shapeshifters.

Fighting the flood in Fargo

Why is the Red River flowing at record highs and why is this flood so dangerous?

35W bridge collapse

What went wrong when the 35W bridge collapsed into the Mississippi River - a scientific perspective.

Avian Flu

Is this relative of the 1918 Influenza the next great global pandemic?

Big tall thing go boom!

Watch this 570 foot tall smokestack come crashing down and learn about controlled demolition.

Body donation

Would you donate your body to science? Learn how it might save a life.

Building "better" humans?

Modern medicine provides many new treatments, but where would you draw the line?

Digital Television

American TV stations are going digital. What's the difference between analog and digital TV?

Forensic science

There's a dead body behind the Science Museum. Insects are rapidly consuming the mystery corpse.

Global Warming

Scientists have noted global temperatures are on the rise. What effect will it have?

Headless dinosaurs

Where did the Diplodocus head go? Find out why these dino skulls are so rare.

Hurricane Science

2005 had one of the strongest hurricane seasons ever recorded. What drives these massive storms?


Malaria is preventable and we have treatments so why is it still such a huge problem?


Nanotechnology is the science of the super small. Will it revolutionize the world we live in?

Presidential math

How will the Electoral College decide the next US President?


Does race exist? Many scientists don't think so. Tell us your cultural experience with race.

Renewable Energy

Solar, wind, hydro, biomass. Which of these will power our homes in the future?

Saving the St. Croix

Phosphorus levels in the St. Croix are rising. Left unchecked, they can seriously damage this beautiful habitat.

Scientific Ocean Drilling

How do you study the Earth's crust below the ocean? Well, you use a very, very long drill.

Sound and Music

Sound is energy. How are scientists studying the sounds of our world?

Ticks: what are they good for?

...and why do they suck so much?


Is Mount St. Helens OUR Vesuvius? Learn about current natural disasters.