As usual, they're graphic. Viewer discretion. Blah, blah, blah. OK? Now, on to the pix...
Whole pig Whole pig: In all its glory...
Whole pig: In all its glory...Courtesy Roger Barrett
Whole pig 2
Whole pig 2Courtesy Roger Barrett
Front end Front end
Front endCourtesy Roger Barrett
Back end Back end
Back endCourtesy Roger Barrett
Belly area, closer still... Belly area, closer still...
Belly area, closer still...Courtesy Roger Barrett
Roger and I were really surprised to discover this cluster of younger maggots in one corner. New maggots
New maggotsCourtesy Roger Barrett
The piles of maggots in the corners of the cage are growing. Maggots in corner
Maggots in cornerCourtesy Roger Barrett
And the maggots keep dragging little bones away from the body. Bone
BoneCourtesy Roger Barrett
We were even more surprised to discover that the maggots are on the move. When I came out to take photos today, there was a small flock of juncos and sparrows feasting on the unexpected bounty of THOUSANDS of maggots on the pavement. They must be looking for good spots to pupate? But they're all heading toward the building, which is a big no-no. Does sweeping up and dumping thousands of maggots count as "other duties as assigned"? It was definitely one of the weirdest jobs I've done during my tenure at the Science Museum... By the door
By the doorCourtesy Roger Barrett
More by door: Some had actually managed to get under the door and inside the building. Ooops.
More by door: Some had actually managed to get under the door and inside the building. Ooops.Courtesy Roger Barrett

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