How can you compost at home?


Tending to your own compost pile at home does require regular work of water and mixing.

Composting at home

More and more people are composting their wastes right at home. It's not complicated, but does take some work. What do you need to do?

First, make or buy a compost bin. Here are some ideas.

Second, throw your kitchen scraps and yard clippings into the mix.

Third, periodically mix things up with a pitchfork or shovel.

Good composting needs a good recipe. Here are some tips to the right mix of "greens" and "browns" to make great compost.

Greens – include yard leaves, coffee grounds, tea bags, plant trimmings, fruit and vegetable scraps and grass clippings. These items provide nitrogen to the mix and act as a source of protein for the microbes.
Browns – include straw, sawdust, twigs, dried grass, brown leaves and shredded newspaper. These are all sources of carbon and provide energy to the microbes busily decomposing things.

Along with the "greens" and "browns" water and air need to be added to the mix. Water allows the microbes to grow and move throughout the compost heap. Turning the compost pile weekly with a shovel or pitchfork mixes in fresh air compost and controls odors.

Interested in composting food scraps indoors? Here are some ideas on that.