The Space Debate!

A spacewalk


Sending humans to space is a monument to scientific achievement, but it's also risky and expensive. What role should human spaceflight play in our continuing space research?

Bruce McCandless, spaceman

Space … it’s not an easy place to live.

In fact, space is just about the hardest place to live. Without any of the conditions we take for granted on Earth—from gravity and a breathable atmosphere, to protection from dangerous cosmic radiation—sending a person into space and bringing them safely home again is one of humanity’s most impressive achievements.

However, it’s also dangerous and very expensive. Many people think that it would be better if robots and remote-controlled machines did all space research and exploration.

What do you think?
Should we save money and, perhaps, lives by ending manned spaceflight? Or will machines never match the experience and inspiration of sending men and women into space?