Spooky Science

jack o'lantern

Ricardo Wang / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Are you ready?

Halloween is right around the corner, so here's this year's spooky science roundup.

Watch a pig transform from plump and pink to skull and bones as part of our forensic science experiment, or meet the museum's newest mummy, rescued from the dinner table for eternity. (It'll make more sense when you read it!)

You could also check out Science Buzz's spooky, gross, or just silly stories from Halloweens past ... but you know what's really scary? Quack medicine. Or vaccine deniers--hello, measles, anyone? Or fracture critical systems: that bridge collapse was no good. How about natural disasters? Or oil spills. Or avian flu or 2009 H1N1influenza, or nuclear meltdowns, or the challenge of surviving and thriving on a human-dominated planet. Phew. Fortunately, science has tools to help tackle these problems.

Take a look, and prepare for scares. Happy Halloween!