What is science to you?: 
Science is not only the very specific detailed research conducted by researchers, but it also includes just being curious and asking questions about the natural world. I think the idea behind science is just wanting to know how things work, and anyone can ask these types of questions. So really science is for all of us!
I care about the environment, and helping people learn about our planet so they can take better care of it and I really love chocolate, especially brownies.
What technology do you use every day?: 
My laptop and my cell phone.
What I do (my job): 
Wetland Ecologist
Technology that drives me crazy: 
Video conference systems... it's a long story, just trust me on this one.
How do you use math in your daily life?: 
I use math constantly while at work to plan sampling and research experiments, to process samples and to analyze data. Also to figure out how much money I have for the snack machine! When I leave work I use math to keep track of how much money I have to spend and what the quickest route is to avoid the traffic... Baton Rouge has notoriously bad traffic!
Technology I love: 
My laptop, I use it for everything, to read the news and watch tv and keep in touch with friends.
I would invent: 
A zero emission vehicle... that everyone can afford!
Where I do what I do: 
Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge Louisiana
I wish I were an expert in: 
Sailing, automotive repair, and throwing on the potter's wheel.
Dream jobs: 
To travel the world and write about it.