What is science to you?: 
Science is life and all thing related to life and Technology
I like to draw and i like art. My favorite color is blue and my favorite Nfl Team is the Philadelphia Eagles. Whoo. My favorite Basketball team is the Boston celtics.
What technology do you use every day?: 
Cell phone, cameras, Television, computers, Ipod
What I do (my job): 
Operations Manager
Technology that drives me crazy: 
How do you use math in your daily life?: 
To calculate how many times that i can do stuff in a certain amount of time.
Technology I love: 
Ipods, Computers, cell phones, digital cameras, xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS lite
I would invent: 
A device that allows your car to drive for you
Where I do what I do: 
I wish I were an expert in: 
Producing music, Testing video games, Playing the Flute and the Tenor Sax
Dream jobs: 
Game Testing( QA: Quality assurance), Disk Jockey, Music Producer, Chef, Pro Snowboarder, Multimedia designer.