Laura Carlson

My name is Laura Carlson and I work at GE Fleet. I've been here for about 3 1/2 years. I started as a call center employee with the Driver Support Center and have moved up to what's called a Resolution Specialist. I work with customers a lot and also try to improve processes. I love my job and look forward to coming to work every day, ok... almost every day. :) I love to travel, listen to music, read, spend time with my friends and watch movies.
What I do (my job): 
Resolution Specialist
I would invent: 
I would invent a faster way to travel to other countries. Flights just take too long!
Where I do what I do: 
GE Fleet
I wish I were an expert in: 
I wish I were an expert in computers. There is really so much that you can do with them but you need to understand how they work. I also would like to learn how to fix computers because then I wouldn't have to ask people for help when I break mine!
Dream jobs: 
My dream job would be starting an agency that will help empower people. Giving people the resources to create their own destiny.