No, I'm not a chicken. I do have an affinity for them, though. As pets, not food! I'm also a fan of wildlife, the natural world, ancient history, science, art, food... Well, pretty much everything. I'm an eclectic girl with eclectic tastes. I'm currently reinventing myself in graduate school with dreams of becoming a world famous archaeologist. Indiana Jane!
What technology do you use every day?: 
The wheel. If humans hadn't invented the wheel, how would I get to school everyday? There wouldn't be any buses!
What I do (my job): 
I work at the science muesum. I am also a student.
Technology that drives me crazy: 
Cell Phones
Technology I love: 
Television. I know it is "old fashioned" but it has been my window to the world since I was a child. I may never get to see all the amazing places in the world, but quality PBS TV shows like Nature and Nova have inspired and shaped much of my life.
I would invent: 
A super efficient, inexpensive, compact, solar energy collection device so we can all have cheap solar energy and get off the coal and nuclear power grid. It is time to stop polluting the planet and use the power of the sun for all our energy needs.
Where I do what I do: 
University of Minnesota
I wish I were an expert in: 
Dream jobs: 
Rick Steves, travel writer, has the greatest job in the world. Imagine getting paid to visit new places, meet new people, experience new cultures, eat amazing food, see the wonders of the natural and man-made world. Wow.