What is science to you?: 
To me, the most important thing to know about science is that it's personal. I first learned the story of my birth in a science museum (and here I am working in one today!), so I've always thought of science as part and parcel of who I am. Since childhood, I've continued to develop a fascination with humans, machines, and the natural world that is based in my own experiences--whether that means learning about the medicines that make me and my loved ones feel better or simply learning how a steam engine works by trying it myself. In fact, I think of science as one of the most important ways we humans make sense of the universe and each other. Science and technology are tools that we must be empowered to use to live better, happier lives. So, here goes!
I'm originally from Ohio, but I've lived in Greece, Japan, Seattle, and Florida, and I love to travel (especially by train)! Now I live in Minneapolis, and I develop exhibits at Science Museum of Minnesota. I started in June 2010, and I'm really excited to be here. In college and grad school, I studied biology, anthropology, and museums. I especially enjoy learning about new, efficient technologies and how the human body works. I also have a keen interest in cultural heritage and the return of special remains or objects to their ancestral owners. Sometimes it poses interesting scientific and cultural questions with important political, historical, and economic perspectives. A great example is the controversy surrounding Kennewick Man and NAGPRA. My favorite part about my job is that I'm always learning something new--it is like staying in school for the rest of my life. Ew, right? (I dig it.)
What technology do you use every day?: 
My alarm clock is rad (well as rad as any alarm clock can be). If the power goes out, it automatically resets when the power comes back on--it checks the time with a satellite.
Technology that drives me crazy: 
Touchscreens that are impossible for my cold fingers to type on!
How do you use math in your daily life?: 
I use geometry a lot for sewing, to alter and create patterns. Geometry helped me understand how to move from 3D body to 2D pattern and back again, and it helped me understand the world in terms of shapes.
Technology I love: 
I love love love the Think! ( I can't wait to snatch one up.
I would invent: 
This is my plan to make millions: buffalo mozzarella cheesesticks.
I wish I were an expert in: 
Museum philosophy (working on it!) Social justice (exploring) Mechanical engineering (in awe)
Dream jobs: 
I'm working my dream job right now! (But I'd also love to be a master chef, a skilled seamstress, or perhaps a French teacher.)