What is science to you?: 
Science is something we all do, whether we realize it or not. We all ask questions about how things work, and then we test our best answers to those questions. If we realize this about our lives, everything becomes a potential experiment - and a whole lot more fun! I love learning about how scientific researchers see the world and how they approach questions about how it works.
I grew-up in a very small town in Northern Minnesota. I moved to the Twin Cities in 1998 and have been spending the last 10 years learning, teaching and having fun with science, art, and many many other things.
What technology do you use every day?: 
Computer, cell phone, eye glasses, door knobs, the bus, rubber tennis shoes, processed food....
What I do (my job): 
science program coordinator
Technology that drives me crazy: 
I get freaked out when people are talking into those tiny phones clipped to their ears. They look like cyborgs, and I'm just not sure I am ready for that yet.
How do you use math in your daily life?: 
I use math in my work - keeping track of statistics about museum and program visitors. I also use math to budget my money, which is easy, because I never have very much.
Technology I love: 
I love my computer. There, I said it. I love my computer.
I would invent: 
A device that would record dreams and nightmares so that you could play them back for people the next day.
Where I do what I do: 
I work at the Bell Museum of Natural History
I wish I were an expert in: 
gardening printmaking oceanography
Dream jobs: 
I would love to be a science journalist traveling all over the world reporting on new discoveries and meeting people who are thinking creatively about science every single day.